The MANX in sterling silver with black leather belt strap embossed with vintage Firestone tire tread pattern.

The Indian Face in bronze with black leather belt strap embossed with a classic, vintage Indian tire tread pattern.

The Buckles

The buckles are inspired from iconic biker culture including vintage Harley Davidson & Indian horn covers and the oldest and craziest motorcycle race – the Isle of Man TT race. They range from 56mm to 62mm in diameter and most are available in sterling silver or bronze.

They are mirror-polished on both sides with all letters properly cast, including our logo – not laser engraved. We use laser only for applying the individual number of the buckle and the inscription “Handcrafted in Russia” on the back. All letters and curves of the buckle are finished with a patina after being polished and re-polished again by hand.

The Belt Straps

Made of thick leather and imprinted with vintage motorcycle tire patterns, these straps will serve you forever – aging to perfection with each passing year. Cut, died and embossed in our workshop, the belts are then permanently sewn to the buckles becoming a unique, integral part of the wearable jewelry.

The Packaging

Each belt is carefully packaged in an elegant and sturdy box. Within each box is a special polishing towel and manufacturing certificate including care and information about the buckle.